The Perfect Brokerage for You: 
The First Step to Create Your Ultimate Agent Lifestyle
The reason agents fail in real estate is usually due to a misalignment between the agent and their brokerage.
There’s a dog-fight going on over any breathing body with a license. The only way to create long-term success is to seek true alignment between the brokerage and the agent from the very beginning.  

While interviewing hundreds of agents interested in joining his brokerage, Realty National, Randy quickly realized how unprepared they are when they are making the biggest decision in their career.  

The Perfect Brokerage for You gives you the simple blueprint to put your values at the top of the agenda so you are aligned with the perfect brokerage to creating the ultimate agent lifestyle. Follow the advice in this book and you’ll be empowered to easily find a brokerage that you can call “home.” Once you understand the reasons behind each question, just bring them along to each interview and have fun getting to know each company and make your educated decision for your perfect brokerage. 
Wouldn’t it feel great to be 100% certain that the brokerage you select will help you achieve your highest success potential and allow you to create your ultimate agent lifestyle?
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About the Author: Randy Zimnoch
Owner of Realty National, The Nation's Most Investor-Friendly Brokerage
Randy Zimnoch rides to the office in his golf cart wearing a ball cap and flip flops. He is the owner of Realty National, a boutique real estate brokerage with 3 offices and over 50 agents. Randy has trained thousands of real estate professionals from stages in Boston, Chicago, San Diego and Las Vegas. Over the last 5 years, Randy has mentored his team of agents to sell $300,000,000 worth of real estate in San Diego alone. His ultimate lifestyle includes plenty of adventure. He’s jumped out of planes, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, volunteered in Haiti and traveled to 23 countries to date. After interviewing hundreds of agents interested in joining his brokerage, he has a deep understanding of why many agents aren’t living their ultimate lifestyle and are ultimately failing in the industry. If you are interested in finding out more about Randy Zimnoch and his brokerage, visit - Copyright 2017 - All Rights Reserved